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Acupuncture has been around for almost 2,000 years already. It is a very popular traditional Chinese alternative medicine that promotes treatment for a lot of health problems. All throughout history, this alternative treatment method is used in many Asian countries including not only China but as well as Japan and Korea. Today, it is already being practiced in the United States. In fact, there is an estimated eight million Americans who are using acupuncture for their health problems these days.


How Acupuncture is Done

This treatment method was born following the principle that the human body is being controlled by Qi, a life force that the Chinese believe to flow along channels between the organs. Acupuncture works to unblock or alter the flow of Qi in the body by inserting needles located along the channels. Before, thin metallic needles are inserted manually but there are already acupuncture machines that can do the job through electric stimulation.


Today, there are different types of acupuncture already. They are classified depending on how they are usually done. The most common acupuncture techniques are the following:

  • Trigger-point acupuncture. This method works to insert the needles at a location in the body that is away from the problem organ or body part. Its main purpose is to channel the energy through the nerves.

  • Electro-acupuncture. Here, acupuncture needles are used to relay mild electrical pulses to the trigger points.

  • Acupuncture point injection. This involves injecting vitamins and herbal medicines into the body through the trigger points.

  • Laser acupuncture. Instead of the traditional needles, laser beams are used to work on the trigger points.


These types of acupuncture may not be all offered in one clinic; however, all of them basically offer the same results as all of them work in the same principle of allowing the Qi energy to flow freely in the body.


Benefits of Acupuncture


Acupuncture is aimed to help cure various health problems. In fact, the World Health Organization has reported that this technique is an effective treatment method for therapeutic purposes.

Basically, acupuncture works to relieve the patient from pain such as headaches, migraines, neck pain, joint pains, arthritis, chronic low back pain, and the like. This alternative medicine is also seen to be helpful in providing relief from various diseases like asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, and problems in the gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, psychological and gynecological systems. Other diseases that acupuncture can cure are hearing loss, infertility, diabetes, allergies, and hypertension.


No Side Effects


As compared to other modern forms of medicine, acupuncture is effective in its ways without providing side effects. This is especially true if the procedure is done by a well-trained and registered practitioner. The proper execution of acupuncture is always essential towards the success and safety of this procedure. As a patient, you must be aware of dirty and toxic needles as well as failure to disinfect the skin prior to inserting the needles. Only a trusted and trained practitioner can do this kind of job with good results.


Acupuncture Practitioner in California


Acupuncture has been in the alternative medicine world for thousands of years for a reason. If you want to submit to this procedure, always keep in mind to get the help of a professional. Take note that most of the disadvantages of acupuncture such as infections and soreness can be prevented by choosing the right person to do the job for you. Call or visit our office today at Torrance California to experience the wonderful benefits of acupuncture.

Acupressure & Massage


Acupressure is another form of ancient Chinese healing technique that uses the same principles as acupuncture. However, instead of using needles, acupressure uses finger pressure on specific points of the body to encourage the proper flow of energy in the body. This makes acupressure and massages a very popular alternative treatment in fighting illness and restoring harmony in the body.


Acupressure & Massage Therapy


The energy centers in the human body can turn out to be congested or blocked. Chinese cultures believe that this is the common reason why ailments such as stress, aches, tension, and the like occur. To bring back the harmony in the body, the energy centers must be unblocked through the use of finger pressures. The pressure applied to energy points in the body stimulates the body's recuperative powers.


Acupressure & massage goes hand in hand when speaking of bringing back the harmony in the body.  Acupressure is done just like a traditional massage using techniques like rubbing, and vibration. Practitioners do not only limit themselves to using the fingers when massaging pressure points. The hands, knees, elbows, and feet can also be used to apply a rapid circular motion of medium pressure to the body for about five to 15 minutes. The patient can choose to do this therapeutic massage standing up, sitting down, or lying down.


Benefits of Acupressure Massage


The following are the main offers of an acupressure massage:

  • It relaxes both the mind and body.

  • It relieves tension and stress.

  • It helps improve blood circulation.

  • It helps in the removal of toxic wastes in the body.

  • It helps in treating injuries.

  • It increases the energy levels in the body.

  • It increases the feeling of well-being.

  • It provides relief from all kinds of physical pains and aches.

  • It helps in decreasing labor pains.


Basically, the traditional Chinese culture believes that there are around 800 energy points in the body from the head to the heels. The practitioner applies pressure points to specific energy points to cure different kinds of illnesses as every energy point has its corresponding therapeutic effects. If an energy point is massaged, its corresponding organ and area will receive therapeutic results.


For those doubting the Chinese medicinal knowledge, it can be noted that western scientists have already discovered that there are indeed key points located in the body. The western scientists have found out that most of the energy points are located near the autonomic nervous system, which may explain why acupressure & massage can treat pains and aches even if the pressure point is away from the body part or organ in question.


Acupressure and Massage Therapy by an expert in Oriental Medicine


Acupressure massage therapy is known to be effective for everyone. However, like other kinds of alternative treatments, patients who have serious medical issues must consult their physicians first prior to submitting to acupressure. Moreover, every patient must ensure that the practitioner is skilled, properly trained, and experienced in doing this procedure to guarantee best results.


If you are interested in acupressure massage therapy contact us today. Dr. Jing Shu Zheng is one of today's respected alternative Chinese medicine practitioners in California. Dr. Zheng honed her skill in Oriental Medicine and has doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Auricular Acupuncture


Auricular acupuncture, as the term implies, is acupuncture done on the ear. As we all know, acupuncture involves the pricking of superfine needles into certain points on the body. The ears of humans is said to contain many important and potentially therapeutic acupuncture points so auricular acupuncture is one effective way to heal illness.


As an ancient practice, acupuncture has received great attention in the western world, where modern medical practitioners are already practicing it. Hence, you will not just find auricular acupuncturist in China and other countries in the East but also in the US and Europe.


How Acupuncture Works Through the Ear


Since ancient China, acupuncture has achieved its prominence because of its effective therapeutic effect. About two hundred acupuncture areas in the outer ear are being pricked with acupuncture needles. They are never placed at the auditory canal or the hole leading to the inner ear. The workplace is the auricle, which is the fleshy cartilage of the outer ear.


Acupuncture has been working on human’s nervous system and the external ear itself is richly supplied by nerve endings that are connected to the brain and other organs. Each organ that we have in our systems has a nerve supply that works in speeding up or slowing down the functions. The changes in the functions lead to chronic stress, wherein the organs can become over stimulated or under stimulated.


The role of auricular acupuncture is to release many potent, morphine like, pain relieving chemicals or endorphins, and the neurotransmitter serotonin that disturb the mood of a person.


How Auricular Acupuncture Works


Over the years, China and Europe have studied and proven that the auricular acupuncture can lessen the symptoms in patients with anxiety disorders.


Though there are some who doubts if auricular acupuncture is helpful, some studies say otherwise. There have been two researchers from the Yale University School of Medicine - Drs. Shu-Ming Wang and Zeev N. Kain, who studied a group of 55 patients for a blinded, randomized measured trial so as to know whether auricular acupuncture could really heal acute anxiety. The study shows no significant physiological changes.


However, the group experienced a significant change in their behavioral anxiety levels, which has been the effect that the researchers theorize. Such effect is good for reducing the levels of pain and stress in patients undergoing surgery.


Where to Find Auricular Acupuncturist in California


There have been a lot of doctors practicing alternative and integrative medicine in California. Perhaps, you are getting confused about whom to put your trust to. It is always wise to study each service that you find before deciding. Nonetheless, one of the best alternative doctors that you may find is Dr. Jing shu Zheng, who is a third generation practitioner of Oriental Medicine. For your auricular acupuncture therapy, Dr.Zheng is one of the experts to run to. Always put your trust to the experts who have not just gained the finest education but also firm experience over the years.



Cupping technique is a prevalent method used nowadays not only by Chinese but also by Western people. Cupping has been around for about 35 centuries in Egypt. Though it has been attributed to hieroglyphics writings, it is still believed to be a Chinese invention. The cupping technique is widely practiced today in countries like Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Malta, Finland, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China, and has achieved some popularity in the United States.


While there are conventional medical methods today, ancient cupping therapy is continually being practiced by many alternative medicine practitioners for various treatments of ailments. Cupping technique hence is not limited to alternative medicine professionals since it can be simply learned and applied to treat common health problems.


Why Cupping is Safe for Pain Relief


In conjunction with acupuncture and moxibustion treatments, cupping technique could be the safest alternative approach for pain relief and ultimate healing without undergoing surgery or intake of drugs. This method involves a glass or fine plastic cups commonly with suction tubes. However, it is believed that from ancient times, a hollowed animal horn is used in East Asia to remove toxins out of snakebites. Another is a bamboo cut accordingly and was boiled with a set of herbs for a specific remedy. Today, there are different types of suction pump cups. Screw vacuum and glass fire cups are some of the popular cupping methods as well.


Cupping Procedure


Effective healing happens when cups are placed on the surface of the skin to allow blood stasis. Cups placed at the back opens five meridians- the conduits of body where energy flows through every body part, tissue, and organ. Vacuum is brought in the vessel causing the skin to rise and seal it against the skin. This decrease in pressure creates a vacuum to draw blood and lymph to the area. It sucks bad blood from the body to help cleanse the system of the patient.


One of the techniques in cupping is to place a drop or two of alcohol in the glass, swirl around to coat the interior of the cup, then lights it on fire to be placed over the area to be cupped. The alcohol will burn off creating the heat to expand the gas in the cup. Another brings us to "Lightening Flame,” cotton ball is soaked in alcohol and clamped in a hemostat. The cups are placed on its side and lit cotton ball is held in the cup for a few seconds before removal of the flame then placing of the cup on the skin.


Cupping Fires out Stress and Pain


Most people who are familiar with cupping use it as a treatment for relieving symptoms of the common cold or flu. Cupping is also used for relaxation and stress relief; most are looking for pain suppression for back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, old football or rugby injuries, repetitive stress injuries.


How Dr. Zheng Can Help You


Dr. Jing shu Zheng has been dealing with anxiety problems of patients using effective ancient approaches. Her alternative medical procedures have been very helpful to a lot of patients over the years, proving her unsurpassed knowledge and experience on healing stress, anxiety, and other problems using tested treatment techniques. Aside from cupping, Dr.Zheng can also offer you acupuncture, Gua Sha, Qi Gong, and other alternative treatment techniques.

Gua Sha


Gua Sha means to scrape away fever. This ancient treatment allows any disease that has affected the body to be fought out, as the name implies. This method is aimed to improve the immune system of the individual and promote self-healing.


Vietnam is among the countries that heavily rely on Gua Sha today. Next is Indonesia. Aside from them, many countries try to use this for skin treatment as well, and once this treatment is used, it does not require any medical diagnosis unlike the standards that would be set as such in western medicine.


How the Gua Sha Technique Is Done


The technique may begin with the skin that is heavily lubricated with oil or herbal preparations and then strokes are applied across the area. A substantial pressure using a smooth edge of an object is used over it.One thing that is usually used is a smooth piece of ceramic or coin, which is the reason why some English speakers termed Gua Sha as "spooning" or "coining". However, modern practitioners of Gua Sha uses buffalo horn or jade because these materials activate the Qi and blood. They help release toxins from the body.


Gua Sha has been effective for treating many health conditions but it is a complicated treatment for some. Hence, Gua Sha treatment needs to be carried out by those that are specifically trained in the technique itself.


What Gua Sha Treats


Gua Sha is a common alternative treatment used for people who have suffered a fair amount of fatigue or have been doing a lot of heavy lifting. Some who have sore muscles also rely on this Chinese treatment. Another use of Gua Sha is the help it gives to people suffering from certain digestive disorders. This treatment is used to help combat many food poisoning cases. Aside from digestive disorders treatment, Gua Sha can also relieve head pain.


People suffering from fibromyalgia are mostly depending on Gua Sha treatment today because of the positive results it brings. The therapy is also used for people with gallbladder, liver, kidney and lung diseases.


What Happens When You Undergo Gua Sha


The concept of Gua Sha is that it is working along the same channel that acupuncture would be used. It follows the meridians and acu-points in your body. After a couple of session with this treatment, it will be normal to see the skin to look as if it has been bruised. The markings or rash may seem that the skin was irritated and hurting.  These bruises will usually disappear after a few days.


Gua Sha Therapy


There are many people who can testify that Gua Sha has helped them. In case you are looking for an alternative medicine practitioner who can give you the best Gua Sha treatment, Dr. Zheng should be at the top of your list. Visit our clinic in Torrance, California to see how Dr. Zheng performs the right procedures in Gua Sha therapy. Discover how this traditional method of treatment can cure many illnesses without relying too much on synthetic medications.

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